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Little Learners Schoolhouse encompasses a theme-based multi-sensory approach to learning created from research-based curriculum.  Themes are based on the interests of the children and may be influenced by the seasons and holidays that the children can relate to.  Projects may last several days and encourage cooperative learning, critical thinking and problem solving, discussions and questioning, and exploration.  Music and movement are key components to many of our lessons.  Music and movement boosts memory and fosters body awareness and motor skills while encouraging a multi-sensory approach to learning.  It also creates a joyful learning experience.

Our curriculum includes the Animated Literacy Program by Jim Stone.  Animated Literacy is a multi-sensory program that is very musically based and includes many activities that encompass all learning styles. This research-based program was selected by a leading University research team as one of six model programs for preschool reading.  Through the Animated Alphabet students:

                                                 1. Develop the ability to recognize, manipulate,  and 
                                                 blend letters and sounds
                                                 2. Learn to recognize, isolate, and produce the sounds of
                                                 the English language (phonemic awareness)
                                                 3. Develop listening and participation skills
                                                 4. Develop print awareness by tracking words to songs

We use the Get Set for School curriculum for pre-writing/writing and literacy.  Get Set for School is the preschool component of Handwriting Without Tears and is a fabulous program that is also musically based and multi-sensory to include all learning styles.

Our Math curriculum is a combination of Math is Everywhere, Investigations, and Get Set for School as well as other resources.  This allows us to prepare engaging lessons using the best of several programs.  Hands-on lessons will allow the students to apply what they learn to their everyday lives.

The curriculum along with our theme-based multi-sensory approach meets the needs of all children while being mindful of each child's learning style and prepares them for kindergarten.

To allow the children to practice skills, activities will be integrated into play-based, discovery learning centers as well as whole group and small group instruction which promote phonological awareness, phonemic awareness, concepts of print, basic number sense, spatial sense, counting skills, etc.  Social awareness will be taught through cooperative learning, social stories, and dramatic play.  Our curriculum is deeply literature based and we use this literature as a springboard for many of the skills listed above.

Enrichment: We currently partner with Soccer Shots one day per week. Soccer Shots is a wonderful sports and fitness program that teaches fundamental soccer skills as well as team skills and gross motor development through which children learn the value of health and fitness.  Our Soccer Shots coach always brings a high level of energy and enthusiasm that the kids love!  The class is 30 minutes long.  You can learn more about Soccer Shots at  


We also partner with Tumblebees one day per week.  The children have been enjoying dance and tumbling.  This one hour long class teaches coordination, balance, as well as the fundamentals of dance and tumbling.  The Tumblebees coach is always full of energy and teaches with a smile!  The kids love it!


Other enrichment opportunities that we have had or are working on are: Music, Jumpbunch, and Yoga.

We also enjoy experiential learning through field trips and in-house visiting programs.  We enjoy field trips to locations such as All-A-Flutter Butterfly Farm, Razz & Tazz Farm, the Greensboro Storybook Theatre, our local Fire Department (#13), Rudd Strawberry Farm, Little Farmers Program at the Children's Museum, as well as outreach programs from the Greensboro Science Center, Greensboro Eco-Bus, and Haw River State Park.


Many of our families have certain skills and talents that we would love to learn more about if you would like to share.  Perhaps you are a chef and would love to share your cooking and baking skills.  Maybe you are a gardener and would like to help us with a planting unit for our backyard pallet garden.  Perhaps you are a former teacher who would love to share a read aloud and lesson pertaining to one of our themes.  Times and dates can be easily adjusted to fit your needs.  Please contact Ms. Joyce if you are interested in pursuing this opportunity. 

For our behavior management program, we use Responsive Classroom methods.  Responsive Classroom is a positive behavior approach that considers the whole child in the process and aligns with the philosophy of our director and teachers.  For more information please go to

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