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Our Methods

Little Learners Schoolhouse Preschool and Kindergarten Readiness Program prides itself on promoting essential learning methods to help your child succeed in preschool and beyond. 

Discovery Learning


Allowing children to safely explore their environment enables them to satisfy their curiosity and learn about their world.

Kindergarten Readiness

Each child learns differently and our staff recognizes the importance of research-based developmental learning practices.  Our curriculum meets the needs of all children and prepares them for kindergarten through the following:

  • Language and literacy development

  • Reading readiness 

  • Oral expression 

  • Pre-writing/writing skills 

  • Math foundations 

  • Science fun 

  • Social Studies (families, communities, holidays, etc)

  • Creativity

  • Social Skills 

  • Fine motor skills

  • Gross motor skills 

Play-based Learning

Learning through play encourages the child's imagination and allows creativity to flourish.


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