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Our Philosophy

Little Learners Schoolhouse believes in an approach that is child-centered and one that uses community building principles.  We believe that children should be respected and nurtured.  As a former public school teacher of Pre-K through 2nd grade, our director has always instilled this philosophy in the classroom.  We believe in research-based educational theories such as that of Piaget, Bloom, Gardner, Maria Montessori, and Reggio Emelia among others.  Our knowledge of such theories aids us in planning for our children's learning experiences but does not replace our role as facilitators whose job it is to observe and guide our children and expand upon their interests.

At Little Learners Schoolhouse we believe:

  • that children will thrive when allowed to explore their world

  • that children should be respected and listened to

  • in the collaboration of educator, parent, and child who work as a team for a common goal

  • in a classroom that exudes playfulness and joy

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