Meet Our Staff

Joyce Fowler

Director/Pre-K Teacher

Ms. Joyce is a North Carolina State certified teacher.  She has taught
Pre-K through second grade and brings her years of teaching experience to Little Learners.  Ms. Joyce is nurturing, jovial, and according to her students, sometimes silly.  Her engaging lessons and activities make learning fun for the children while preparing them for a successful entry into kindergarten. She provides a welcoming and comfortable learning environment for her students and their families.

Toni Ann Pattman

Preschool Teacher

Toni Ann Pattman enjoys working with the students in the Preschool room. She brings many years of preschool teaching experience to Little Learners, and has worked with children ages 18 months to 4 years old.  Ms. Toni understands the importance of instilling a child with a lifelong love of learning, as well as the significance of learning through play.  When not at school, Ms. Toni enjoys spending time with her husband, her three children, and her dog.

Sophia de Vries

Toddler Teacher

Sophia de Vries joins Little Learners Schoolhouse in the Toddler Room with Montessori teaching experience and a background in Early Childhood Education.  She brings her passion for working with children and her strong belief in the importance of pre-school education, where the love for school is established with a life-long joy of learning.  Outside of school, Ms. Sophia enjoys reading, yoga, traveling and spending time with her husband, son, dog, and two cats.  She also fluently speaks German and Chinese. 

Sherri Hawkins

Teacher's Assistant

Sherri is a fun-loving child at heart with many years of experience teaching and working with preschool aged children.  She enjoys being one of the kids and firmly believes in learning through play.  Sherri has a great rapport with all of the children in the school. It's apparent when watching her interact with the students that they have a great connection with her.  She is also very well liked by her coworkers and always has a smile on her face.  It is easy to see that Sherri thoroughly enjoys doing what she does each and every day.

Megan Fowler

Social Media Marketing Director

Megan is a graduate student in Marketing with a focus in Communications and New Media.  She provides an unique perspective to our Social Media pages and a creative approach to our online marketing strategies. Megan is the voice behind our Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter pages - be sure to follow us to see her at work! In addition to social media marketing, Megan's interests include traveling, hiking, yoga, and Instagraming her cats.


Tonya  Scott brings to Little Learners her wealth of experience as a kindergarten assistant.  Tonya understands where the children need to be academically, socially, and emotionally before they enter kindergarten.  She is so attentive to the students' needs and brings a level of kindness and understanding that the children love and respect.  Tonya encourages learning through play and you will often find her on the floor with the kids teaching and playing at the same time.  Tonya is very much appreciated here at Little Learners!

Tonya Scott

Teacher's Assistant