Enrollment Process

Enrollment is based on space available at the time of the enrollment request and after our returning students and their families re-enroll for the upcoming school year.  Siblings of those families are also given first consideration along with a ten percent sibling discount.  Families are more than welcome to be placed on a waiting list for upcoming openings. Tours are given to prospective families upon appointment.  Watch for our Open House dates which will be posted on our website, on social media, and advertised at local establishments.

Tuition & Fees

Two Year Old Room  - (Must be at least two years old on start date)

1 day/ week                      $150/month
2 days/week                     $210/month

3 days/week                     $260/month

4 days/week                     $315/month

5 days/week                     $345/month

Three Year Old Room - (Must be at least three years old on start date)
2 days/week                     $245/month
3 days/week                     $290/month
4 days/week                     $330/month
5 days/week                     $365/month

Pre-K Room - (Must be at least four years old on start date)
4 days/week                     $345/month
5 days/week                     $380/month

**Registration fee - There will be an annual $100 non-refundable registration fee.  ($100 for first child and $75 for second child)

Scholarships may be available for tuition assistance.